Disabled veteran turned away from Oklahoma City motels

Disabled veteran turned away from Oklahoma City motels

May 06, 2016

Disabled veteran turned away from Oklahoma City motels

An Oklahoma City taxi driver said his disabled customer was turned away from multiple motels on Tuesday all because he’s in a wheelchair.

"I went to Vietnam for the people of the United States. You know what I found out? The United States doesn't give a damn about people like me,” said Eddie House.

Taxi driver Paul Speir said he drove House around to five different hotels.

He said they were turned away from each because the motels were not handicap accessible.

"This is a guy who really needed some help. He just needed a place to sleep, and he just needed people to help him, and I just wasn't coming across anybody willing,” Speir said.

A few of the motels told us they simply were not handicap accessible, while others claimed their handicap rooms were currently occupied.

Those are all excuses Joy Turner with the Oklahoma Disability Law Center said are illegal under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

"Under Title 3, for public accommodations, things like hotels, restaurants, lawyers' offices, doctors' offices, places like that, entities are prohibited from discriminating against people and denying services based on their disability,” Turner said.

Turner said this type of discrimination happens all the time, leaving people like House, who doesn’t have a permanent home, with limited options for shelter.

House said that makes him feel homeless. - KFOR

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