Prince Harry And President Bush Hope To Change Perceptions Of ‘Invisib

Prince Harry And President Bush Hope To Change Perceptions Of ‘Invisible Injuries’

May 12, 2016

Prince Harry And President Bush Hope To Change Perceptions Of ‘Invisible Injuries’

Prince Harry took time out today before joining first lady Michelle Obama and a host of stars saluting wounded veterans at the opening ceremonies of his Invictus Games tonight for a symposium with former President George W. Bush to focus attention on what many vets face, making the point that post-traumatic stress "is not a disorder it's an injury."

"Veterans are not ticking time bombs," Prince Harry said. "We need to signpost the really good help that is available for mental health challenges."

The Symposium on Invisible Wounds, hosted by the George W. Bush Institute, addressed post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and other psychological health issues that are often the most debilitating but least recognized ongoing health issues suffered by our heroes after the war is over and their physical injuries are treated

"Veterans need more than thanks and a handshake. They need opportunities. Businesses and communities need what they have to offer," Harry said.

He believes that suffering in silence is dangerous for those affected by these invisible injuries, and he hopes that the Invictus Games in Orlando will shine a spotlight on those who have been brave enough to speak up and ask for the help they need, and will encourage others to follow their lead.

Both Prince Harry and Bush are seeking to end the stigma associated with invisible wounds and have made it a priority of their work with veterans.

Prince Harry is also focusing on veterans' mental health as a key part of the Heads Together campaign he is undertaking with Prince William and Kate- ABC


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