Wounded Veteran Conquers Mount Everest

Wounded Veteran Conquers Mount Everest

May 20, 2016

Wounded Veteran Conquers Mount Everest

The Heroes Project, a group dedicated to helping wounded veterans, announced on Thursday that U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Charlie Linville safely reached the top of Mount Everest.

Linville is the very first combat wounded veteran to climb the world's highest peak.

In 2011, Linville was defusing bombs in Afghanistan. He was injured as an explosive device detonated, which led to the amputation of his right leg.

Linville saw climbing Mount Everest as a way to conquer the past.

Linville was quoted saying, "I was looking for something to completely change myself."

The creator of The Heroes Project is former Hells Angel biker Tim Medvets. Medvets suffered from life-threatening injuries after being in motorcycle accident in 2001. Six years after his crash, Medvets submitted Everest. This experience fueled him to create a nonprofit organization that helps seriously injured war veterans climb the world's tallest mountains.

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