WWII Veteran Honored 70 Years Later

WWII Veteran Honored 70 Years Later

May 24, 2016

WWII Veteran Honored 70 Years Later

Edwin Schmidt was 18 years old when he joined the Navy in 1943. Although he does not like to discuss what occurred during the fight, he does enjoy recalling other times he had on the ship.

Schmidt's recognition was organized and conducted by an organization called Citizens United USA. The organization's mission is to honor surviving WWII veterans.

Even as Schmidt was accepting his special award, he absolutely refused to take any credit.

Instead he dedicated his honors to the fallen warriors that paid the ultimate price.

After accepting the awards, handshakes, and hugs, Schmidt was quoted saying,

" You miss the stories you don't get to hear no more so when you get an opportunity to meet a vet go up and say hi and listen to their stories".

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