Veteran Chef Cooks for Homeless Veterans

Veteran Chef Cooks for Homeless Veterans

May 25, 2016

Veteran Chef Cooks for Homeless Veterans

An organization known as the Milwaukee Homeless Veteran Initiative or MHVI inspired their local community to come together and create the Milwaukee Chefs for Homeless Vets event. The event gathered the best chefs of Milwaukee offering a plate to participants for a whopping $150!

The Executive Director for MHVI, Kirsten Sobieski, explained that the pricey seat of $150 is able to provide a veteran and their family enough food for three days.

Sobieski had hopes to raise $20,000 of the organization's $1 million budget from the event.

MHVI's mission is to connect veterans to a community of help and enable them to get on their feet. The organization has an emergency food pantry and even furnishes homes for veterans in need.

Veteran and chef Justin Carlisle was very enthusiastic about joining the event.

Carlisle was quoted saying,

"We can't give them a sandwich? We can't give them a bowl of soup? We can't give them a couple of bucks? They put their lives on the line for us".

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