Dowtown Tampa Under Seige!

May 26, 2016

Dowtown Tampa Under Seige!

Explosions, helicopters swirling overhead and snipers lined the rooftops of downtown Tampa yesterday as active military from various nations participated in a mock invasion exercise which took Mayor Bob Buckhorn hostage, as they do every year.  


Thousands of people watched in awe as the infiltration ripped through the air, skydivers dropped from the sky and the sound of gunfire deafened them. The demonstration corresponds to an annual conference of "Special Operations Forces Industry" at which over 350 companies attend. Over 11,500 people attend every year eyeing the newest and most advanced military technologies available.   


The impressive and frightening assault is a show designed to impress the public with the powerful capabilities of the military and does it ever! 


The Mayor was "freed" from his hostage role and the calm has returned to downtown.  That is, until next year's event.   

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