WWII Veteran Dies on his Final Mission

WWII Veteran Dies on his Final Mission

May 27, 2016

WWII Veteran Dies on his Final Mission

Melvin Rector was a 94-year-old WWII veteran who was determined to complete his "final mission" before his time eventually ran out. His plan for his final mission was to return to the exact spot that he served in WWII.

He last visited this special spot in England back in 1945 where he had served as a radio operator on B-17 Flying Fortress bombers.

After an amazing 71 years of yearning to return to his special spot and over six months of planning, Rector finally arrived in London on May 6th, making the giant hop from Florida to London.

Rector's journey began with exploring the Battle of Britain Bunker with plans to make a much needed stop at his former base at RAF Snetterton Heath in Norfolk.

However as Rector was exiting the Battle of Britain Bunker, he began to feel funny. Within minutes he was gone.

Many members of Rector's family were unable to attend the overseas funeral.

Even so, hundreds showed up to honor Rector's memory, laying him to rest with military honors.

His daughter shared with reporters that she was content that he passed in a peaceful place doing exactly what he had set out to do.

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