Marine Veteran Saves Dozens During Orlando Shooting

June 14, 2016

Marine Veteran Saves Dozens During Orlando Shooting

Imran Yousuf is a 24-year-old Hindu who served as a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan.

He is also a bouncer at Pulse nightclub and was working the night of the shooting.

Once Yousuf heard the first few shots he knew that everyone was in danger and that the weapon being fired was undoubtedly a high caliber weapon.

Imran Yousuf

When shots were fired dozens of people fled to the back staff hallway where Yousuf was. In that hallway was a door to safety but everyone packed in the hallways were too horrified and too shocked to move.

Yousuf risked his life and opened the door.

Countless people poured out of the door that night.

Yousuf's only regret is he didn't save those who were lost.

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