19-Year-Old Marine Declared Brain Dead After Shooting in South LA

19-Year-Old Marine Declared Brain Dead After Shooting in South LA

September 19, 2016

19-Year-Old Marine Declared Brain Dead After Shooting in South LA

What Happened

Carlos Segovia is a 19-year old Marine who has always taken care of his local community and family.

Many of Segovia’s family and friends have shared that he had long been an active volunteer in his community. Not only did he invest an amazing service to his county, he also helped out the homeless and would even encourage at-risk youth to join the Marines.

Segovia was off to visit his girlfriend’s home close to 31st Street and Western Avenue last Friday. It was then that he noticed a group of people huddled around his car.

After spotting the group, Segovia walked up and confronted them. Shortly after the young Marine asked the group to step away from his car, Segovia was shot in the head.

Authorities were immediately alerted and Segovia was rushed off to Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center. Shortly after arriving he was declared brain dead.

A Mother’s Fight

Segovia’s mother, Sandra Lopez, has since been fighting an uphill battle to have him transferred to a different hospital. Since being admitted, there has been a tremendous amount of pressure on Lopez to take her son off of life support.

“My son did not sign into the Marines to give up,” said his Lopez. “A Marine never gives up. I know what my son is going through. So I choose to ask the doctor to take another test and they refuse to do that.”

The weekend of the incident, Segovia had returned to his neighborhood to volunteer.

“He was here this weekend to help clean up streets or do whatever they were going to do,” said a family friend.

At this point in time the shooter has not been identified, according to the local police department.

“Just stop the violence. He is a good kid, he didn’t have any enemies. He was always out there helping, I just don’t understand how someone can just shoot him in the head like that,” said Claudia Perez, Segovia’s stepmother.

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1 Response

Craig clemens
Craig clemens

September 19, 2016

It’s very hard for the adverage person to grasp the concept of brain death as compared to biological/ cardiac death. There are many people in the health care community that can’t grasp it also. I hope that the local organ donor network is working with his mom. As a CCRN with over 30 years experience, I know what his mom is going through. We need much more education in this area. Thanks for letting me share. Craig Clemens RN CCRN

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