5 Things You Need to Know this 4th of July…

5 Things You Need to Know this 4th of July…

June 30, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know this 4th of July…

With the celebration of the birthday of America right around the corner, make sure you and your family are in the know!

  1. Winn-Dixie, a Southern grocery chain, has announced that it will donate ALL of its profits from July 4th to Hope for the Warriors, a national non-profit dedicated to “helping servicemembers and their families”.  Other stores also donating profits to veterans groups are:   BI-LO SuperSaver and Harveys Supermarket.  

  2. Veterans suffering from PTSD can really have a hard time with fireworks.  The sound, smells and unexpected explosions can cause them to have flashbacks and panic attacks.  Please be mindful of that fact and take the time to ensure all of your neighbors are aware of when and what you will be lighting in terms of fireworks.  Taking the extra measure could go a long way toward making sure the holiday is enjoyable for all.  LINK TO BLOG ABOUT IT4th

  3. Happy Birthday, America!  What are we celebrating???  Our independence and our freedom!  And what is our freedom without democracy?  Take this opportunity to remind yourself, your family and your friends to register to vote.  Fill out the form online and print it out, get it ready to go and prepare for the election.  ‘"In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve."-  Joseph de Maistre

  4. Safety-  Fireworks can be dangerous and children should be watched at all times during, before and after lighting fireworks to ensure the safety of all involved.  

-Use fireworks outside only!

-Point them away from buildings and people

-Store them properly (out of reach of pets & children and away from heat sources)

-Do not alter them (trim fuses, make your own, etc)

-Keep a bucket of water or working hose nearby.

-Do not use fireworks when consuming alcohol.

-Do not ignite fireworks in a container.

-Never relight a ‘dud’!

-Dispose of spent fireworks properly by soaking them in water and putting into a metal trashcan away from combustibles.

-Light only firework at a time, with plenty of room apart from the audience.

-Do not light fireworks in windy conditions.

-Obey the law!  If fireworks are banned because of dry conditions, obey the law

5.  Check to make sure those American flags you’re waving around are MADE IN AMERICA!  It has been estimated that 94% of U.S. flags were imported from China last year.   Let’s turn the tide on that irony!  Plenty of stores offer American made flags.   Make a point to look before you buy!

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