Military News Blog Shares Harleys for Heroes Facebook Post

Military News Blog Shares Harleys for Heroes Facebook Post

September 29, 2014

Military News Blog Shares Harleys for Heroes Facebook Post

Military news blog BuiltUSA recently posted a video Harleys for Heroes shared on our Facebook page. We were excited to see both ourselves and the Healing Heroes Network mentioned in the post on their military blog. The more exposure our nonprofit receives, the more wounded veterans and military families we can help.

What caught the attention of BuiltUSA was a video of the Healing Heroes Network team participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. That video was originally posted on their Facebook page. Harleys for Heroes wanted to increase exposure of their video, so we then shared it to our Facebook fans.

This wasn't one of those ALS Ice Bucket Challenge blooper videos. But it turns out, that wasn't what the BuiltUSA military news blog was looking for in the first place.

According to the BuiltUSA blog post, "The reason we chose to share this video is that it is from a nonprofit group with a mission of helping and healing our veterans – our wounded warriors. A military veterans nonprofit helping spread the word for another nonprofit. We love it!"

Make sure to visit BuiltUSA and thank them for helping spread our mission of helping and healing our wounded warriors. Share your thanks in the comments and share their post with your friends and family. The more eyes we can get on our Harleys for Heroes content, the more lives of veterans we can make better.

Your contributions are also welcome at BuiltUSA. Here's a snippet from the military news blog About Us page, “ (BuiltUSA) is about you – our readers, our veterans, our active duty military, and our military spouses, friends and loved ones. We invite you to contact us and share your stories, photos and videos, news and anything else you think will be helpful to our readers.”

Thanks again for spreading the word about Harleys for Heroes and the Healing Heroes Network BuiltUSA!

And for those of you wondering what that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video looked like, well, here it is.

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