Video of F-15E Strike Eagle Taking Out ISIS Compound

October 03, 2014

Video of F-15E Strike Eagle Taking Out ISIS Compound

This video of an F-15E Strike Eagle was recently released by the U.S. Central Command. The U.S. fighter jet strikes an ISIS compound using a Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod.

We found this video on the military news blog BuiltUSA. For those of you unfamiliar with the sniper weapon used by the F-15E Strike Eagle, their blog post gives a good description.

"The Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) is a sophisticated weapon combining laser-targeting, an infrared camera, guidance, tracking and navigation systems to identify ground and airborne targets with “sensor fusion,” and launch laser-guided bombs."

The F-15E Strike Eagle hit the ISIS compound in Northern Syria on September 27. 2014.

Video of F-15E Strike Eagle Wiping Out ISIS Compound in Syria

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