UberMilitary Offers Opportunities for the Military Community

UberMilitary Offers Opportunities for the Military Community

October 06, 2014

UberMilitary Offers Opportunities for the Military Community

UberMilitary is set to hire 50,000 U.S. service members, veterans and military spouses over the next 18 months. The military hiring initiative will increase ride-sharing app Ubers pool of drivers across the country.

UberMilitary is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Military initiative. There will also be an UberMilitary Advisory Board which will include representatives from every branch of the military. The volunteer chairman of this military advisory board is former Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert Gates.

The company already has a very positive experience with its military hires. According to Uber, veterans maintain higher driving ratings than non-veteran drivers and get frequent positive feedback.

UberMilitary and Ride-Sharing App Uber

For our readers unfamiliar with Uber, the company connects everyday drivers with passengers in need of a lift. Passengers use the ride-sharing mobile app to find drivers nearby who can drive them to their next destination. Think of it as a taxi service for the mobile age.

Drivers act as their own boss determining the days and hours they will work. Unlike taxi drivers, Uber drivers use their own personal vehicles for work. As part of the UberMilitary jobs initiative, the company also offers military members, veterans and military spouses a vehicle financing program.

According to the UberMilitary blog, "From veterans looking for flexible part-time work while they go back to school, to reservists looking for a full-time opportunity between drills, to military spouses hoping for a job that can follow them on the next move, Uber is a perfect fit."

Working with UberMilitary

The company will hold job fairs and employment events across the country to reach out to the military community. If you are a veteran, service member or military spouse looking to work with Uber now or learn more about this opportunity, then you can visit the UberMilitary Sign Up page. Other Articles
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