2015 Military Friendly Schools List Released

2015 Military Friendly Schools List Released

October 07, 2014

2015 Military Friendly Schools List Released

The 2015 Military Friendly Schools list is the perfect place for military students to begin their education journey. Each school on this best military friendly schools is approved for Post-9/11 GI Bill funding.

Designation to this list is reserved to the top 15 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools which embrace military students, show a commitment to classroom success and help their students succeed after graduation.

Read on to the bottom and we'll share link to the website where you can find the 2015 list of military friendly schools organized by state.

Choosing the 2015 Military Friendly Schools List

Reading this, do you find yourself wondering whether or not this is one of those "Best Of" lists where a participant can purchase their way to a top ranking? Don't worry, this is not one of those lists.

The best schools for military students who make the cut do so by earning their way to the top. The group behind the list is also a veteran-owned business whose members understand the importance of educating our brave women and men of the military.

Here's what we found out about the methodology behind the list of top military friendly schools. The process of designating the top 15 percent of VA-approved schools includes extensive research and a data-driven survey. An independent Academic Advisory Board assists in the development of the school survey, methodology, criteria, and weightings. That Board is comprised of educators from schools across the country.

And those who made the list in previous years can not rest on their laurels. In order to continue to make the top 15 percent, those schools must improve as each year participants are held to a higher standard than the previous year.

The Group Behind the 2015 Military Friendly Schools List

Looking for more information on Victory Media - the organization behind the Military Friendly Schools rankings of 2015? Here's what we found when we visited the About Military Friendly page.

"Victory Media Inc., a veteran-owned business founded in 2001, has led the industry as a ratings entity for over a decade, surveying tens of thousands of institutions and adjudicating lists that capture best practices in recruitment and retention of military personnel as civilian employees, students and franchisees. There is no cost associated with participation in Victory Media surveys or being selected to a Military Friendly™ list."

Besides the annual list of best military friendly schools, they also provide lists on military friendly employers, cities and franchises.

As promised earlier, here's the 2015 Military Friendly Schools list organized by state.

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