Vietnam Veterans Memorial Travels Across the Country

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Travels Across the Country

October 08, 2014

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Travels Across the Country

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial resides in Washington, DC. It is the reason many veterans, military family members, friends of military service members and others make the trip to our nation's capital. However, not everyone can make it to Washington to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in person.


Replica of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Travels the United States

The Wall That Heals came about as a way to bring the memorial honoring Veterans of the Vietnam war to those who could not make it to Washington. This half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial travels the country allowing new generations to learn about he sacrifices our brave service members.

The Wall That Heals also serves another purpose. That purpose is healing. Many Vietnam Veterans find visiting the original memorial a daunting task.

It is much easier for them to visit in a location where they feel more comfortable - their own communities. A visit to The Wall That Heals often starts these brave heroes down the path of healing.

Where to See This Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica

The half-sized replica of the wall in Washington contains the names of more than 50,000 men and women who died in the war. Rather than arranged alphabetically, the memorial begins at the center, and lists those lost by the date on which they died.

The Wall That Heals is approximately 250 feet in length. It is made up of 24 individual panels with each panel containing six columns of names. To see if it will be in your city of close by, make sure to visit their website and see the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial schedule.

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