Homeless Veteran Meets Magician - Must Watch Video

Homeless Veteran Meets Magician - Must Watch Video

October 13, 2014

Homeless Veteran Meets Magician - Must Watch Video

Watching this homeless veteran viral video is a great way to start your Monday. What's even better is how this Las Vegas magician's "prank" has turned this U.S. Army veteran's life around.

Alan McKracken lived on the streets of Las Vegas where he could be seen with his cardboard sign which read, "Homeless trying to get by/Anything helps/God bless."

But there was something that made McKracken stand out. The veteran also kept a sign that had one word on it in all capital letters - the word was SMILE.

You see, McKracken let people know that it was ok if they didn't give him money. He still wanted to make each and every person he encountered smile.

Well, a Las Vegas magician named Rob Anderson heard about the Army veteran and wanted to find out if he was authentic. Watch the video and to see what happened.

FYI - Read the rest of the story below as it takes the story to a different level.

For those of you wondering, yes, Rob Anderson did go back and help pick up the rest of the real money he donated to McKracken. But he went even further.

He also started McKracken a GoFundMe campaign and the viral video has now helped earn the homeless veteran over $33,000 in donations. Here's what Anderson had to say about this.

"I am starting this fund for Alan to provide him with an apartment in Las Vegas for 6 months, food, new clothes that he can wear to job interviews, other basic necessities, and to set up a bank account for his new life," Anderson wrote.

And in even more great news, the VA in Las Vegas has given Alan McKracken a place to sleep with meals and other basic necessities. Alan was quoted as saying, "When I spoke with him, he had his usual positive attitude about his situation, and is optimistic about his search for a job now that he has temporary housing provided for him."

What a great story. It is so nice to see complete strangers donate online to help one of our brave heroes.

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