Army Veteran Lobs Grenade for First Pitch! [Video]

October 15, 2014

Army Veteran Lobs Grenade for First Pitch! [Video]

Awesome first pitch from Army veteran at Giants vs. Nationals MLB National League Division Series. This might be one of the coolest ceremonial first pitches we've ever seen.

And if you haven't seen retired Army sergeant Brian Keaton's first pitch grenade yet, you are one of the few. This viral video is racking up the views faster than you can say, "You're Out!"

Keaton, an Army veteran who was wounded in Iraq, threw out this pitch before Game 2 of this Major League Baseball playoff series. He got on his stomach, crawled towards the mound, then lobbed the baseball like a grenade towards home.

Watch the video. Love Keaton's story. Love the crowd's reaction. You're going to love this! We definitely do.

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