Military Suicide Survivors Come Together for Support and Healing

Military Suicide Survivors Come Together for Support and Healing

October 28, 2014

Military Suicide Survivors Come Together for Support and Healing

Military suicide survivors looking for support have often run into roadblocks and cold shoulders. The lack of support for military spouses and family members coping and healing from the tragedy of military suicide is most likely not due to a lack of caring.

Unfortunately, what they find are others who do not understand the physical and emotional impact of military suicide. They just don't know how to help. And even when professionals trained in helping survivors of tragedy do try to help, survivors often find no comfort in their counseling.

We recently posted a powerful video which shared that nearly 5,000 veterans take their own lives each year. This is one veteran suicide every two hours.

As those numbers reflect, this is a very important issue in the military community. It is one which touches a growing number of our military and their families.

Military Spouse Forms Military Suicide Survivors Seminar

Kim Ruocco understands the grief and stigma facing military suicide survivors. Her husband was a Marine who took his own life. She decided to take her experience and use it to help others.

Ruocco started the National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar. This event is a place where survivors can help survivors by sharing stories and forming a sense of community and companionship. There are also professional counselors on hand as well as many seminars offering help and healing.

Children who are military suicide survivors are also a big part of the seminar. They have Camp Good Grief where they can be with other children who have faced the same tragedy and learn to better understand and cope with their feelings. And one important aspect of the annual seminar is that particpants don't just grieve, they also celebrate life with their new community, friends and family members.

If you know a military suicide survivor or a military family who is dealing with this tragedy, please share this blog post with them and point them to the National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar website. Not only can they learn about and plan on attending the annual seminar, but they will also find links to resources and programs offering help for military suicide survivors.

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