Pentagon Warns of ISIS Terrorist Attacks on Civilians and Military [Important - Please Share]

October 31, 2014

Pentagon Warns of ISIS Terrorist Attacks on Civilians and Military [Important - Please Share]

A recently released Pentagon memo warns of ISIS terrorist attacks aimed at military members, law enforcement officials and civilians working in the Pentagon. We first heard of these warnings when reading the BuiltUSA military news blog.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency - its internal security agency - warned civilian workers and military personnel working at the Pentagon that they are potential targets for ISIS terrorists and their sympathizers. They also noted in the memo that terrorists also view all law enforcement officers and U.S. military members as legitimate targets.

When discussing the possible terrorist attacks, the memo noted, “Targets in recent ISIL-linked terrorist plots included places of public gatherings, government entities, mass transit nodes, and religious facilities. Attacks would most likely involve edged weapons, small arms, or improvised explosive devices, and could be perpetrated with little-or-no advanced warning. In light of these threats and recent attacks in the United Kingdom, France, and Canada, remaining vigilant is paramount.”

ISIS Terrorist Threats - Protective Measures for Individuals

There was also a list of "Recommended Individual Protective Measures" in the Pentagon memo. Some of those protective measures focused on social media use and social networks. Those measures included:

1 - Be careful of information shared on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
2 - Lock down your social media and change your passwords regularly.
3 - Do not post anything on social media that affiliates you with DoD/the military or law enforcement.
4 - Do not post anything on social media opposing terrorist groups or organizations.

To see the full list of protective measures and for a link to the official Pentagon Force Protection Agency, make sure to read the BuiltUSA military news blog post.

Please make sure to share this post with anyone you know who works in law enforcement or serves in our military.

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