A Hero’s Story: Sgt. Joshua C. Beats the Odds

A Hero’s Story: Sgt. Joshua C. Beats the Odds

November 04, 2014

A Hero’s Story: Sgt. Joshua C. Beats the Odds

As you know, Veterans Day is next Tuesday. We thought it would be a good idea to post some stories of our brave, injured military heroes who have begun the healing process with the help of Healing Heroes Network. We like to call these stories A Hero's Story.

At the same time, we'd like to thank everyone for their support and donations. Without your help, we wouldn't have these inspiring stories to share.

Today's Hero's Story is about a third generation Marine named Joshua C. Like many others, Joshua felt called to duty after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. While serving his country in Iraq, Joshua's life changed in the blink of an eye.

Josh was running patrol just north of Baghdad in 2005 when his convoy was hit by a roadside bomb. Crew members cleared away from the vehicle to escape the flames. It was then that they realized Josh was still inside. Bravely, they went back and rescued Josh before it was too late.

Although he was alive, the bomb had sent shrapnel directly through Josh's brain. He was immediately rushed to Germany for treatment. Doctors did not like his chances to make it there alive.

Joshua did survive the trip to Germany. Once there, he underwent multiple operations. One of those operations removed part of his skull to relieve pressure from his brain. Surgeons also removed a piece of shrapnel from his brain the size of a credit card.

Miraculously, this proud Marine lived but not without life-altering injuries. Now, struggling with his speech, memory, balance and coordination; Josh had to learn how to walk and talk all over again.

He and his loving mother/caregiver Christine, traveled across the country trying to find the best treatments for Josh. From Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland to Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation in California, they thought they had tried everything and seen it all.

But they hadn't yet heard of Healing Heroes Network...

After hearing about a treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), the Cooley family thought it might be a good fit for Josh. However, the VA doesn't cover costs for HBOT. Thankfully, Christine was referred to Healing Heroes Network, and that's when we stepped in to help.

After contacting Healing Heroes Network and applying for services for Josh, his mother Christine said she was overwhelmed by the personal service and one-on-one care that her son received. Josh continues to make progress. And after just a few treatments, the Cooley family says Josh's improvements are easily recognized.

"Josh & I have noticed daily improvements. His voice is louder, sentences are better paced, and his left side is stronger. He has started taking steps on his own, and I'm seeing his initiation, balance & coordination all improve at a much quicker pace."

For this Hero who beat the odds, there is no end in sight to how far he will overcome. And with HHN on his side, his road to recovery is sure to be a little smoother!

Healing Heroes Network is proud and honored to assist Heroes like Josh every day! If you know a hero like Josh who is in need of assistance for treatment, we encourage you to have them contact us at (727)781-4376, or email toinfo@healingheroes.org.

You can also make a difference in the lives of military heroes when you donate to and support HHN by entering our contest to win 2 Harleys and Free Gas, participate in our Buy a Shirt / Heal a Hero initiative or donate directly to Healing Heroes Network.

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