A Hero's Story: Staff Sgt. Curtis G. Improves Quality of Life with HHN

A Hero's Story: Staff Sgt. Curtis G. Improves Quality of Life with HHN

November 11, 2014

A Hero's Story: Staff Sgt. Curtis G. Improves Quality of Life with HHN

Staff Sgt. Curtis G. and his mission to get to the root of his symptoms and health decline is our latest addition to our A Hero's Story series. In today's blog post you'll learn how Healing Heroes Network helped Curtis find those answers and a treatment to get him back on track to a healthy life.

In 2003, Staff Sgt. Curtis G. was deployed to Saudi Arabia for his last tour of duty in Iraq. While deployed, he developed a strange form of dizziness that did not subside or discontinue.

Upon his return to the United States, Curtis noticed a degradation of his overall health. He told Healing Heroes Network, "I had lesions on my brain, and my body felt like it was not returning to normal use."

Curtis suffered with constant and severe joint and muscle pain. Like so many other Veterans, he also struggled with depression. And also like many other veterans, his treatment consisted of massive amounts of medication for what doctors deemed as fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and depression.

"Unfortunately, I am one of those veterans who returned with many unexplained health issues with my bones, muscles, nerves, fatigue and I could go on," Curtis said. "Although I am only in my forties, I am medically probably closer to 80." Curtis felt his conditions were being diagnosed improperly and therefore, also treated improperly.

Curtis was on a mission to get to the root of his symptoms and health decline. Through research, he learned of "Gulf War Illness." Three civilian doctors diagnosed and supported his service connection to his health problems. The VA, however, has declined his claims.

When Curtis reached out to Healing Heroes Network for help, we were proud and honored to have him join the HHN family. Healing Heroes Network connected Curtis with a HHN chiropractic provider in his area shortly after he applied. Dr. N. - a veteran himself having served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam - was thrilled to help.

When speaking of Curtis' treatments, Dr. N. said, "We have been able to help him exercise more often and with greater ease while increasing his range of motion and keeping him from spiraling downward. His level of pain has reduced significantly." He also compliments Curtis on his "amazing, upbeat attitude throughout his treatments despite his battles and difficulties."

Curtis himself has noticed many positive changes since beginning treatment. He told HHN, "I am extremely grateful to Healing Heroes Network for helping me improve my quality of life!"

Healing Heroes Network strives to continue to help more brave soldiers return to productive, fulfilling lives, just like Curtis! If you know a hero like Curtis who is in need of assistance for treatment, we encourage you to have them contact us at (727)781-4376, or email toinfo@healingheroes.org.

You can also make a difference in the lives of military heroes when you donate to and support HHN by entering our contest to win 2 Harleys and Free Gas, participate in our Buy a Shirt / Heal a Hero initiative or donate directly to Healing Heroes Network.

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