Got a Flying Aircraft Carrier Prototype Hidden in Your Garage?

November 12, 2014

Got a Flying Aircraft Carrier Prototype Hidden in Your Garage?

Do you have any flying aircraft carrier drawings hidden away in your garage? Well, here's some surprising news. The Department of Defense would love to see them!

Don't worry, your schematics for a flying aircraft carrier won't get you in any hot water with the DoD. They are actually looking for fresh ideas, and if yours fits their requirements, it may actually move into the development stage.

Before you go digging through those boxes in your garage or sit down at you desk to sketch out a futuristic, flying aircraft carrier, here's what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is actually seeking.

"DARPA is interested in exploring the feasibility of small UAS airborne launch and recovery approaches for providing distributed airborne capabilities from existing air platforms. The agency envisions a large aircraft that, with minimal modification, could launch and recover multiple small unmanned systems from a standoff distance."

In other words, the Defense Department is looking to repurpose one of the military's existing larger airplanes into a flying drone aircraft carrier. The unmanned aircraft would launch and land on the large, flying mother ship which would expand the range and mission capability of these drones.

Still interested in seeing what you could come up with and submitting your entry to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency? Check out the DARPA website for more information.

But don't procrastinate if you have any drone-carrying flying platform ideas. The deadline for submissions is 11/26/2014.

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