More Military Videos - Heroes in Action Returns!

More Military Videos - Heroes in Action Returns!

November 13, 2014

More Military Videos - Heroes in Action Returns!

We've got three military videos for this week's Heroes in Action blog post. Below, you'll find videos from the Marines and Air Force YouTube channels. Then, you can put yourself behind a .50 caliber machine gun with a cool, first-person point of view military video.

Enjoy this week's videos. Want to see all our Heroes in Action military videos? Follow this link!

Marines Bold Alligator 14 Training Exercise

Here's a short video from the Marines showcasing a recon and amphibious assault training exercise. This is from "Bold Alligator 14, a scenario-driven event designed to test the Navy-Marine Corps team’s ability to conduct multifaceted operations from a base of support at sea."

Air Force Special Operations Command Miltary Video

Here's a cool video production titled "24 Hours in Special Operations Command Miltary." According to the Air Force video channel, "Over the past decade, there has been an unprecedented increase in special operations around the world. This video showcases Air Force Special Operations Command's dynamic mission."

50 Caliber Machine Gun Fire POV Video

If you've never fired a .50 caliber machine gun, here's your opportunity to see what it looks like from a first person point of view. This GoPro video footage is from a "a mounted live-fire exercise on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

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