Wounded Combat Veteran's Next Objective Empowers Veterans [Video]

Wounded Combat Veteran's Next Objective Empowers Veterans [Video]

November 14, 2014

Wounded Combat Veteran's Next Objective Empowers Veterans [Video]

A wounded combat veteran faced despair and desperation after multiple failed operations and learning he was getting retired from the Army. He has now turned those dark days, a leg amputation and reconnecting with a life purpose into the inspiration for The Next Objective - a veteran-oriented organization based on health, fitness and teamwork.

According to the wounded combat veteran's organization website, The Next Objective is, "a combat veteran-run initiative committed to empowering our returning service members to overcome obstacles and achieve post-military success."

Derek Weida's story reminds us of many of the stories of wounded warriors who have been helped by your support through donations to our Harleys for Heroes Giveaway and the Healing Heroes Network.

Wounded Combat Veteran Finds and Shares Purpose

After learning he was going to be retired from the Army, Derek Weida became depressed and lost his will to live. He spent time in a psychiatric ward, drank heavily and spend time in and out of jail.

Then a simple Facebook post from someone Weida served with changed his life. It was an open invitation to train and enter a Tough Mudder race. Derek found something to focus on other than his despair.

It was that training and race that gave Derek purpose. It changed his life. It was the spark that drove him to open a veteran-operated, veteran focused gym where he could share his story and help other combat veterans like himself.

Here's wounded combat veteran Derek sharing his inspirational story.

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