Iraq War Veterans Mission to Help Senior Citizens

Iraq War Veterans Mission to Help Senior Citizens

November 19, 2014

Iraq War Veterans Mission to Help Senior Citizens

Two Iraq war veterans provide a service which offered handyman services to senior citizens and people with disabilities. Their goal - to help people stay in their homes and live independently.

To do this, these Marines took their idea a step further and began a nonprofit.Now, these Iraq war veterans and their organization - Granny Handymen Inc. - can provide repair services for free.

We often share stories here on our blog about non-profits providing help for our military veterans and military families. It is nice to be able to share a similar tale of giving and helping from the other side of the table. Here's more to the story of Granny Handymen Inc.

Iraq War Veterans Help Elderly Citizens

Marines Richard Lorah and Valen Cianci formed their non-profit handyman organization to offer the kinds of help and services that children and loved ones would provide for their elderly relatives.

"I remember helping out my own grandmother and how great it felt going over there," Lorah, 28, said. "Me and Val want to bring that back."

They also fill in the gaps when other non-profit organizations are unavailable, overbooked or just don't have the funding to take on new projects.

The two veterans - one who works full-time as an accountant and the other who is a full-time university student - hold fundraisers and count on volunteers to help them fulfill their mission at Granny Handymen Inc.

They will help seniors and those with disabilities with everything from changing light bulbs, to plumbing repairs and painting, and even installing security cameras. And like we mentioned above, they do this for these individuals (many who live on social security benefits) for free.

As many of our readers know, we share a regular, weekly blog post which we call Heroes in Action. These two Iraq War veterans could easily be featured in one of those posts as they are truly American heroes.

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