Military Couple Welcome Homeless Man for Thanksgiving

Military Couple Welcome Homeless Man for Thanksgiving

November 25, 2014

Military Couple Welcome Homeless Man for Thanksgiving

This military couple helped a homeless man's holiday wish come true. We often think about and hear stories of the sacrifices many of our military servicemembers and military families make for us to protect our freedom.

And we often encourage our readers to thank our veterans and to do something nice to give back to our brave military heroes. In this case, however, it was a military couple who took the time to give back to a man in need.

Homeless Man Asks for Thanksgiving Favor

This video shares the story behind this inspiring story of one man's wish to just not spend Thanksgiving alone. Neal Shtyles told a reporter with a television station out of Norfolk, Virginia, "It hurts me to be alone, no family or nobody around."

The response - including that from a local military couple - was overwhelming. Here's how this story began.

Military Couple Steps Up to the Plate

After seeing Neal's story, a military couple in Newport News were the first to reach out. Ashley McLemore and her husband, Cory contacted the Union Mission in Norfolk and were able to talk to Neal on the phone.

It was on the phone call that Ashley invited Neal to spend Thanksgiving with their family. Neal was overjoyed and overwhelmed that the military couple, who he had never met, would drive to pick him up and bring him into their home.

When discussing how they could relate to Neal's situation, Ashley said, “Because we`ve been military and I identify with having to be away from your family and not having family around for the holidays so it kind of struck a chord with me,”

This story has gone viral and brought a lot of attention to how others can help the homeless or others on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the act of kindness of this military couple will light a spark in each of us to reach out to someone in need this holiday season and throughout the remainder of the year.

Watch the follow up interview with Neal and Ashley here.

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