Heroes In Action - Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

Heroes In Action - Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

November 27, 2014

Heroes In Action - Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

This Thursday's Heroes in Action post is a bit different due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of showing combat footage, training videos or other military action clips, we wanted to share some inspirational military videos honoring our brave women and men in the military. But before we get to the videos, we want to take the time to wish each of you a happy Thanksgiving, We also want to thank our brave military servicemembers and veterans for your service and sacrifices. And of course, we want to remind our readers to take the time to not forget that some of these military heroes will be unable to spend time with their families. Please take a moment - while with your family on Thanksgiving - to honor our military serving overseas.

So, on to our holiday edition of Heroes in Action.

Heroes in Action - An Army Veteran's Inspiring Story

Yesterday, we shared a blog post on Daniel Rodriguez who's story should be an inspiration to each and every one of us. It's a great story to share with your children. It's also a great story to share with a veteran you know who may be going through a tough time.

The first video takes us from Rodriguez's life before the Army to combat in one of the deadliest battles in Afghanistan to his battle to fulfill a dream and promise to a lost friend.

The second video is from Military Appreciation Day where Rodriguez fulfills that dream as he leads his team on the field while carrying the U.S. flag. It was also a special moment as it was a day he was reunited with USAF Captains Michal Polidor and Justin Kulish who were recognized for coming to the aid of Rodriguez's unit during Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan.

Heroes in Action - Navy Seals Tribute

This next video is another must-watch. Words can not describe this emotional and inspirational military video clip which we shared recently on our Facebook page. Thank you again for the sacrifices of our military families, veterans and servicemembers.
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