Will This Futuristic Military Exosuit Give Our Troops Super Powers?

Will This Futuristic Military Exosuit Give Our Troops Super Powers?

December 03, 2014

Will This Futuristic Military Exosuit Give Our Troops Super Powers?

Watching our military move into the future with all the technological advances in weapons and equipment is very cool. Now it looks like the military is testing an exosuit prototype which will help our troops run faster, carry heavier loads, avoid injuries and see more success in combat missions.

In past blog posts, we've shared links and content discussing the military of the future. Some of these technological advances like the Navy Ghost warship are being used or tested, and others like the flying aircraft carrier are still in the wish-list phase.

This new exosuit - named Warrior Web - fits in the first category as it already exists and is now moving into the field for testing. We first read about the Army exosuit Warrior Web prototype testing on the BuiltUSA military news website.

Details of Warrior Web Exosuit

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the home of the Warrior Web project. While Army testing is underway, the exosuit is set to be tested and used by the entire military. According to the DARPA website, "The Warrior Web program seeks to develop the technologies required to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal injuries caused by dynamic events typically found in the warfighter’s environment."

As noted in the BuiltUSA blog post, "Army testing shows that the wearer of this prototype exosuit who is carrying a 100 pound load will see their exertion level reduced by twenty-five percent." Reducing the exercetion level of our troops will not only help them perform better in combat, but it will also aid in the prevention of injuries.

And here's another cool benefit...

If testing proves some analysts right, the Warrior Web exosuit will allow wearers to run faster. In fact, some think the exosuit will help our military troops run a 4-minute mile. FYI - Running a 4-minute mile means the individual is running 15 mph.

We can't wait to see these exosuits in action. Realistic training in combat mission scenarios using the Warrior Web exosuit is slated for 2016.

What would you like to see next in military technological advancements? Share your wish-list in the comments below.

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