Opportunities are "Wide Open" for Veterans in Texas [Video]

Opportunities are "Wide Open" for Veterans in Texas [Video]

December 08, 2014

Opportunities are "Wide Open" for Veterans in Texas [Video]

A newly launched website invites veterans to explore Texas as a place to call home. With many veterans unsure of their future after leaving active duty, the people behind this website want to showcase Texas as an excellent option for employment and affordable housing.

Who are the people behind the website? The Texas Veterans Commission and Texas Workforce Commission partnered with Texas.gov to create Texas Wide Open for Veterans.

As we've shared posts highlighting the plight of our veterans (homelessness, high divorce rates, increasing suicides, etc.), we feel it is important to showcase information that can help our veterans and their families improve their lives for the better. Helping veterans and military families is, after all, part of the mission of Healing Heroes Network.

Why Veterans and Texas are a Good Match

Here's what Hope Andre, Commissioner of the Texas Workforce Commission said about the initiative.

“Our state has so much to offer. With the highest job growth in the country, there are many opportunities for these veterans to find work in a variety of industries in Texas. We believe Texas is the best place to live, work and raise a family, and we want to make sure our men and women in uniform know that we’d love for them to make Texas their home.”

The Texas Wide Open for Veterans website is much more than an informational brochure promoting the Lone Star state. The website is actually a very valuable resource center for military veterans.

Visitors to the website can research economic information (job growth, affordable housing, etc.) on various cities, find links to educational opportunities for veterans and servicemembers, search job opportunities, and much more.

If you have a family member or a friend who is a veteran or soon to be a veteran and who is unsure of their future or looking for a new job opportunity, then you should definitely share the Texas Wide Open for Veterans website with them.

Video of Veteran Discussing Opportunities in Texas

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