Supporting Veterans with PTSD - It's Our Duty to Help

Supporting Veterans with PTSD - It's Our Duty to Help

December 09, 2014

Supporting Veterans with PTSD - It's Our Duty to Help

Our veterans living with PTSD need our support. However, many of us - whether we are friends, parents or military spouses - may not only know how to lend a helping hand, but also may not understand the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Here at, we do our best to not only provide monetary support to injured veterans through our Get the Bikes Giveaway and T-shirt/Merchandise sales, but we also strive to share veterans resources and information to our website readers and blog readers.

Our military service members sacrifice so much for our freedom and safety. It is time we, here at home, take the plight of our veterans seriously. And, it is time for us citizens to do all we can to support and help our veterans and military families.

Much of this support can start with simply understanding what our veterans go through day to day. Today, we'll share some important information about PTSD and how you can help.

PTSD and Our Military Heroes - Making the Connection

To learn more about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and how you can support a veteran in need, we recommend you visit the website for Make the Connection (link at bottom of post) - a national public awareness campaign from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

"Make the Connection helps Veterans recognize there are people out there like them who are going through similar experiences. Veterans and their families are encouraged to "make the connection"— with information and resources, with the strength and resilience of Veterans like themselves, with other people, and with available sources of support including mental health treatments."

On the Make the Connection website, you will find information including: signs of PTSD, what to do if you think you have PTSD, how to connect to treatment and support options, and more.

You can also see videos from veterans like the following.

We've also shared stories - A Hero's Story - on our blog from veterans (some who suffered from PTSD) who were helped by the treatment they received thanks to the financial support of Healing Heroes Network.

Make sure to visit Make the Connection to learn more about PTSD. And by all means, if you know a veteran who needs a helping hand, make sure to share this blog post with them.

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