Top Sons of Anarchy Moments? You Make the Call

Top Sons of Anarchy Moments? You Make the Call

December 10, 2014

Top Sons of Anarchy Moments? You Make the Call

Any Sons of Anarchy fans out there? Are you still reeling from the hangover of last night's final Sons of Anarchy episode?

Did you DVR the FX hit and are avoiding any Sons of Anarchy news at all costs? Don't worry...we won't share any spoilers or anything at all regarding what happened on last nights final episode.

Instead, we want to get your opinion on an article we saw on Rolling Stone magazine's website. The piece titled, "20 Best Sons of Anarchy Moments" offers what Rolling Stone felt were the most memorable moments in the 91 episodes preceding last night's final episode.

Warning - If you are still catching up with the show on Netflix, then you do not want to follow the link to the article or read any reader's comments below.

Here's the Rolling Stone Sons of Anarchy article sharing what they consider the motorcycle-gang drama's top 20 moments.

What's your opinion on the top Sons of Anarchy moment's from the article? Share your favorite moment and opinions in the comments for our other readers.

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