You Can Buy a Used Army Humvee Starting Today

You Can Buy a Used Army Humvee Starting Today

December 17, 2014

You Can Buy a Used Army Humvee Starting Today

Want an Army Humvee? Now's your chance. About 4,000 Army Humvees will soon be sold to the public. In fact, the first batch of military-spec Humvees are going to auction today.

But if you plan to buy a used Army Humvee...there is a catch. More on that later.

As part of its surplus-reduction efforts, the Department of Defense decided to make a change in their past policy of sending the vehicles to the scrapyard. Instead, the general public can bid on and purchase these used military vehicles for the first time through a third-party business.

The Humvees that are being publicly auctioned will be stripped of all "military characteristics" and inspected for defects before being sold.

Where Can you Buy Your Used Army Humvee

According to the Army Times, "Sitting on a dusty lot at Hill Air Force Base in Utah are 25 Humvees built between 1987 and the mid-1990s, some with visible wear and patchy camouflage paint jobs, and whose odometer readings range from 1,361 to 38,334. The public will have the chance to bid on them in a live online action on Dec. 17 and take home a Humvee that once served as a troop or cargo carrier."

The contract to sell the first 25 used military Humvees went to The online auction company won a 2-year contract from the Defense Logistics Agency. Along with auctioning around 4,000 used military Humvees, IronPlanet is also auctioning cargo trucks, tractor trucks, utility trailers, forklifts, and other construction equipment.

Buying a Used Military Humvee - Here's the Catch

Thinking of making your Army Humvee your primary vehicle for driving to work and driving your kids to school? Well, unless you work on a farm or you are driving your kids to hunting school in the woods, then this isn't the vehicle for you.

The Humvees are not roadworty and thus, will not come with titles. In fact, before completing the purchase, you must sign documents specifying exactly how you plan to use your used Humvee.

Auctions start today - Wednesday December 10 - at noon Pacific Time Zone on

Don't have the $10,000 for the opening bid on the vehicles up for auction tomorrow? Why not enter the Outdoors for Heroes giveaway. You won't win a used Army Humvee for offroading, but you can win yourself a Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition and $5,000 in cash. Then, maybe you could put your cash winnings towards the purchase of a used Army Humvee during some of the next rounds of auctions.

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