Military Hero Aims for NFL at Medal of Honor Bowl

Military Hero Aims for NFL at Medal of Honor Bowl

December 24, 2014

Military Hero Aims for NFL at Medal of Honor Bowl

Remember the story of military hero Daniel Rodriguez? The Army combat veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart pulled himself from the depths of despair and almost taking his own life to fulfilling a promise to his fallen friend and achieving his dream.

What was that dream? Daniel Rodriguez dreamed of playing college football. The military hero achieved that dream at Clemson University. He now has another dream. Daniel Rodriguez wants to earn a spot on an NFL roster. The 2014 Armed Forces Merit Award winner takes the next steps to achieve that dream on January 10 at the Medal of Honor Bowl in Charleston, South Carolina.

Army Veteran Keeps a Promise to Play Football

Daniel Rodriguez lives by the motto to “not waste the oxygen that somebody died for – for me (us) to have.” As a combat veteran who was wounded in what was determined to be deadliest battle of the war in Afghanistan in 2009 and who lost his best friend in that battle, Rodriguez understands too well the price of the oxygen he still breathes.

Before that deadly battle, Rodriguez promised his best friend that once he was back in the United States, he would pursue his dream to play college football. It was that promise that saved his life and led him to become a leader and the recipient of the 2014 Armed Forces Merit Award while playing football for the Clemson Tigers.

Make sure to watch Rodriguez's inspiring story on the BuiltUSA military news blog when you have a moment.

Military Hero Takes Next Step

The former walk-on football player, recent college graduate and war hero who will soon be in Hollywood to begin work on a movie about his life isn't ready for his football career to end. Instead, he is ready to put in the hard work and long hours necessary to earn a shot at playing football in the NFL.

After following his story, we wouldn't expect any less!

As Rodriguez said when discussing playing in the NFL, "I just want an opportunity to showcase what I have, get a fair chance in front of some scouts who will see me practice. I know I'm strong enough, I know I'm fast enough, and I know I can play the game."

The combat veteran and military hero will get his well-deserved opportunity to showcase his skills for NFL scouts at the Medal of Honor Bowl in Charleston, SC. Proceeds from this game support the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum located on board the historic aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN.

You can watch Daniel Rodriguez and the Medal of Honor Bowl on January 10, 2015 at 2:30 EST on the NBC Sports Network.

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