USO Hosts Troops Who Couldn't Be Home for Christmas

USO Hosts Troops Who Couldn't Be Home for Christmas

December 26, 2014

USO Hosts Troops Who Couldn't Be Home for Christmas

As you know, many of our troops can't be home for Christmas. Around the globe, the USO hosted those troops and military families over the holidays allowing them to enjoy Christmas. We tip our hat to the USO for all they do for our troops!

Here are some of the highlights of the USO hosting troops who couldn't be home for Christmas.

USO Kaiserslautern, Germany - USO Ramstein provided free photos with Santa for 475 military children and their parents. Each child received a gift from Santa and his elves.

USO Hawaii - Both USO centers in Hawaii counted down the 12 Days of Christmas with a different treats, activities and giveaways each day.

USO Camp Walker, Korea - Expecting active duty mothers and fathers created unique gifts for their unborn children to watch in childhood. They recorded DVDs of themselves reading a book and heartfelt messages for their unborn children. This was part of the United Through Reading Military Program.

USO of North Carolina - Military families visiting the Fort Bragg USO were welcomed by Santa and his elves. There was entertainment, gift bags for each family and even a raffle featuring gifts like tickets to Frozen on Ice.

Visit the USO blog for more on how the USO helped military families and troops celebrate Christmas.

Have you thought about volunteering with the USO? There are a number of volunteer opportunities. You can make a real difference and help our troops and military families. They sacrifice so much for us. Volunteering with the USO can be your way of giving back and thanking them for those sacrifices.

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