Decorated Delta Force Physician Continues to Serve as Hometown Hero Doctor

December 29, 2014

Decorated Delta Force Physician Continues to Serve as Hometown Hero Doctor

John Otho "Rob" Marsh was once a physician with the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force. In fact, he is one of the nation's most decorated military physicians. But instead of choosing an easy path after retiring from the Army in 1996, Marsh decided to set up shop and practice medicine in a tiny town in the rural Shenandoah Valley.

Why did the retired Delta Force doctor choose to run the only medical clinic in the town of Middlebrook, Virginia? There were about 213 reasons. Those 213 reasons are the people who make up the population of the tiny Shenandoah Valley town - people who Marsh credits for saving his life.

Delta Force Doctor Wounded in Mogadishu

John Otho "Rob" Marsh was gravely wounded in a mortar attack that came just after the "Blackhawk Down" battle. The battle left 18 U.S. soldiers dead and 73 injured. It was Marsh who led the medical team that saved many of those 73 lives. And it was while he was doing his best to save others that he soon found himself fighting for his own life.

While he was fighting for his life in a hospital bed in Germany, his hometown church in Middlebrook was also helping him fight. Church members held a 24-hour prayer vigil. It was those people who Marsh credits for saving his life. He came home to return the favor.

Military Hero and Hometown Hero

Marsh - who sacrificed so much for his country - continues to sacrifice and serve his hometown. After running the only medical clinic in Middlebrook, Marsh has now opened a more modern clinic in a truck stop. The truck stop medical office allows him to not only serve his community but also the truckers who are rolling down Interstate 81.

Marsh's service to his community - he still does house calls - and his innovative approach to reaching those who often do not receive modern medical care is not going unnoticed. He recently was named the Country Doctor of the Year by Staff Care - physician staffing company.

We love seeing stories like these. They serve as reminders that our brave military service members and veterans continue to serve us and sacrifice for us once they return to civilian life. An inspirational story like the one of Delta Force physician John Otho "Rob" Marsh also reminds us to thank our military heros each and every chance we can.

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