Sons of Anarchy Prequel - Good News and Bad News

Sons of Anarchy Prequel - Good News and Bad News

December 30, 2014

Sons of Anarchy Prequel - Good News and Bad News

Are you suffering from Sons of Anarchy withdrawals now that the show has come to an end? Sure, you can still watch Sons of Anarchy reruns on NetFlix. But if you are a true, devoted fan, you really need a fix of some new episodes of SOA.

Well, you may get your wish. There have been discussions of a Sons of Anarchy prequel which would push back the release of John Teller's manuscript, the "Life and Death of Sam Crow" in book form.

According to reports and interviews, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter planned to release a book documenting the letters and manuscript "Life and Death of Sam Crow." However, there were then more serious discussions about a SOA prequel which should be produced and released first.

SOA Prequel Becomes Miniseries

Then came even better news for Sons of Anarchy fans. Sutter decided a miniseries would make more sense than just a prequel. The miniseries would tell the story in multiple episodes of the inception of club prior to it becoming an outlaw motorcycle club.

According to when discussing the book and prequel Sutter said, "My plan was always to release the 'Life and Death of Sam Crow' at the end of the series and document that and what that book was and what those letters were, but here's ultimately what happened -- as we started thinking more and more about this prequel on the First 9 at this point I'm thinking more of a one off like a miniseries, like maybe 10 episodes or two 8 episodes seasons. I felt like to put out that manuscript with his history before that aired was going to handcuff me too much."

Bad News about Sons of Anarchy Miniseries

What could possibly be bad about a new episodes of Sons of Anarchy? Well, how about a long delay before those new episodes are created? You see, Kurt Sutter is working on a new project right now titled "The Bastard Executioner."

That project has the SOA prequel on hold. How long will the project be delayed? For the sake of us Sons of Anarchy fans, hopefully it will not be too long of a delay. We'll keep you posted.

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