Veterans Face Uphill Battle When Looking for Jobs

Veterans Face Uphill Battle When Looking for Jobs

December 31, 2014

Veterans Face Uphill Battle When Looking for Jobs

Veterans continue to face an uphill battle when it comes to employment. This is particularly true when it comes to post-9/11 veterans. And just as worrisome, female veterans face an even steeper climb than their male counterparts.

In the past we've shared stories on the plight of our veterans and the rising number of homeless veterans and veteran suicides. We also know, through our support and work with the Healing Heroes Network, that getting adequate medical treatment is another major issue facing post-911 veterans and the overall veteran population.

Unemployment is another issue our brave military heroes face when they return home. Hopefully, by continuing to shine a light on these issues, we can help our transitioning veterans return to a life filled with promise and happiness. After all, they sacrificed to protect our freedom to live happy and secure. They deserve the same as well.

Veteran Unemployment Numbers

According to an article on, "The unemployment rate among post-9/11 veterans remains higher than that of other vets and the country overall, despite large-scale efforts by the government and private sector to hire more former service members."

Actual numbers reported by the article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobless rate data shows that overall unemployment rates for post-9/11 veterans (as reported in October 2014) was at 7.2% compared to 5.8% for the general population. Another alarming trend was that post-9/11 female veterans unemployment was at 11.2% compared to males at 6.2%.

Efforts to Hire More Veterans

Our military veterans are a sound investment for businesses. Why are they still falling behind when it comes to employment? The answers are hard to pinpoint. However, we are seeing some progress when it comes to hiring veterans.

One effort - The 100,000 Jobs Mission - launched by 11 companies in 2011 has now hired 190,046 veterans and increased participation to 176 companies. Also, federal agencies have increased veteran employment by 5% since 2009 due to a presidential executive order.

Both of these cases show that we are making progress. If you ask many military families and post-9/11 veterans, that progress isn't moving fast enough.

You can help by sharing stories like this with your social networks and friends. And if you own a business, know a business owner who is hiring, or are responsible for hiring at your company; please remember that our veterans are a sound investment.

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