Helping Homeless Veterans in the United States [Video]

Helping Homeless Veterans in the United States [Video]

January 05, 2015

Helping Homeless Veterans in the United States [Video]

Helping our homeless veterans should be a top priority here in the United States. Our military service members deserve to be treated with dignity and cared for when they return home.

Unfortunately, our military veterans often return home not only finding it hard to adjust to civilian life, but finding the civilian world shutting them out. Veterans have a difficulty finding jobs, they often find it hard to reconnect with family and friends and they are often treated differently due to issues like PTSD.

Shining Light on Homeless Veterans

How can we end veteran homelessness when there seems to be a disconnect between our civilian population and the issues our veterans face when they return to civilian life in the United States? Many veterans say that they don't want preferential treatment - they just want to be part of the conversation.

Here at Get the Bikes and our partner Healing Heroes Network, we feel that many Americans just need to be exposed to the plight our veterans face. If we can pull back the curtain and bring more attention to these issues, we have faith that Americans will do something about the problem.

The following video of ABC News' Bob Woodruff traveling the country examining new efforts end homelessness among US veterans shows that there are success stories of civilians joining together to help reduce the number of homeless veterans.

Helping Homeless Veterans - Success Stories

Thanks to nonprofits and the efforts of American civilians, some cities like New Orleans are ending homelessness for our military veterans. Let's not wait for our politicians to come up with an answer. As this video shows us, we can take this problem on ourselves and help find homes for those who sacrificed so much to protect our homes.

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