New Military Helicopters Make Their Debut in 2014

New Military Helicopters Make Their Debut in 2014

January 06, 2015

New Military Helicopters Make Their Debut in 2014

Three new military helicopters made their debut in 2014. Along with these new U.S. military helicopters, the Army also showcased an upgraded Apache helicopter.

Over the past year, we've introduced our readers to a number of new military technologies and military equipment. We shared stories of everything from futuristic military exosuits to flying aircraft carrier prototypes.

Because these military blog posts received great responses, we knew our readers would enjoy hearing about these new military helicopters that debuted in 2014 and the beefed up Apache attack helicopter.

3 New Military Helicopters from 2014

The Valor - According to its developers - the Textron division of Bell Helicopter - this helicopter features twice the speed and twice the range of conventional helicopters. The V-280 Valor has a maximum load capability of about 12,000 pounds and carries a crew of four and 14 troops.

What's the coolest feature of this new military helicopter? The Valor is self-deployable. That's right. Within a range of 2,100 nautical miles, the helicopter alone can take itself out on a mission.

The Raider - This cool piece of military aviation is not quite as fast as the Valor as it only reaches top speeds of 253 miles an hour. The helicopter, which uses Sikorsy’s X2 technology, is set to play a key role in operations for the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, the Marine Corps, and Special Operations Forces.

Some of the features of this helicopter include its integrated thermal management system and low acoustic signature. The Raider can carry 6 troops with two pilots and will utilize a range of weapons including 50 caliber and 7.62-mm guns, Hellfire missiles and 2.75-inch rockets.

Special Operations Helicopter - Airbus Helicopters EC645 T2 helicopter is designed for a number or missions including MEDEVAC, search and rescue, armed scout and light attack. This new Special Ops helicopter can reach speeds of more than 150 miles per hour, has a maximum takeoff weight of more than 8,000 pounds, and a range of about 412 miles.

Upgrade to Apache Helicopters

What's the big upgrade to the Army's Apache helicopters? The latest technology introduced by Lockheed Martin and the Army is called Modernized Day Sensor Assembly (M-DSA).

This technology allows Apache attack helicopter pilots to see surveillance data and targeting in full, high-resolution color. This upgrade will improve the Apache's targeting capabilities in bad weather conditions. It will also help pilots engage enemies much more precisely at long-range.

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