This Week's Military Videos - Heroes in Action

This Week's Military Videos - Heroes in Action

January 08, 2015

This Week's Military Videos - Heroes in Action

Heroes in Action military videos is back in our regular weekly Thursday slot. We hope you enjoy this week's U.S. military videos.

Our clips this week include: F/A-18C breaking the speed of sound, a photo-retrospective of Operation Enduring Freedom, Marines training with anti-armor weapons and U.S. Navy divers supporting the search efforts for Air Asia Flight QZ8501.

F/A-18C Breaks Speed of Sound

You might want to crank the speakers up for this one! Watch as a F/A-18C flyby creates a "Sonic Boom."

Operation Enduring Freedom: 13 years of war in Afghanistan

Here's a military video shared by Stars and Stripes which showcases their best photographs over a 13-year span of war in Afghanistan. These photographs document "the U.S. troops who have fought, what they encountered and how they coped."

Marines Train with Anti-Armor Weapons

Here's a video of Marines conducting live-fire training with Moldovan soldiers using anti-armor weapons.

Navy Divers Support Air Asia QZ8501 Search Efforts

This Navy video clip shows Navy divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 1 deploying a Tow Fish side scan sonar system from USS Fort Worth’s (LCS 3) 11-meter rigid hull inflatable boat as they assist with the Indonesian-led search efforts to locate Air Asia Flight QZ8501.

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