Military Families See Empty Commissary Shelves

Military Families See Empty Commissary Shelves

January 09, 2015

Military Families See Empty Commissary Shelves

Military families and troops in Europe and the Pacific are finding commissary shelves empty in some locations. This has been an ongoing issue over the last two weeks. Depending on who you talk to and whether you are discussing commissaries in Europe or the Pacific, the commissary shelves will stay empty for another week or longer until the situation is resolved.

What's causing the delays and shortages? According to commissary officials, issues in Europe are mostly due to customs delays, computer issues and systems failures in warehouses. These types of problems are correctable and that is why commissaries in Europe should start seeing regular shipments no later than January 14.

When it comes to commissaries in the Pacific, the delays on food shipments are a trickier subject. The reason for this is that the empty commissary shelves in Pacific locations are due to West Coast port issues with unions.

Empty Commissary Shelves Affect Military Families

How are troops and military families affected by empty shelves? Many young troops depend on the Women, Infants and Children Overseas Program when it comes to nutritious foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, infant formula and infant cereal. And these WIC vouchers can only be used in the commissaries and shoppettes operated by the exchanges.

Not having access to these foods because of empty commissary shelves often means these young troops and military families will go without nutritious options.

According to a report in USA Today, "A military wife said she visited the commissary at RAF Lakenheath, England, on Sunday to find shortages that "made my mouth drop. No lettuce, no salad, no orange juice, no chicken, no bread, hardly any yogurt and cheese, and half the fruits and vegetables were gone."

Hopefully, this issue will be taken care of soon as our military service members and military families deserve better.

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