Inside Look at Blue Angels Training [Video]

Inside Look at Blue Angels Training [Video]

January 16, 2015

Inside Look at Blue Angels Training [Video]

Are you a fan of the Blue Angels? Have you ever wondered how the United States Navy Blue Angels train to prepare for their air shows?

Well, we've got an insider's point of view from someone who road along in the back seat of a fighter jet with a Blue Angels pilot during recent practice sessions. And we've got a cockpit point of view video for your viewing pleasure as well.

Our friends over at the military news blog BuiltUSA shared a cool story about the Blue Angels winter training sessions recently. They picked up the story from the official blog of the United States Navy.

Flying Along with the Blue Angels

Lt.j.g. Amber Lynn Daniel, Blue Angels Public Affairs News Officer, wrote about the, "aggressive flight schedule – two to three flights a day for both the Diamond formation (which includes Boss and pilots 2, 3 and 4) and the Solos (pilots 5 and 6)" during the initial days of training for the 2015 air show season.

While it is interesting to see how hard and long these pilots practice to prepare for air shows, what we found cool was the first-hand account of how they actually prepare during training session flights and what it feels like to be riding in the back of one of those jets.

Here's how Daniel described the latter. "Think of it as trying to drive a car while someone continues to add and remove sacks of flour on your body. These sacks each weigh the same weight as your body. For some maneuvers, the pilots will experience 7 g’s (G is short for gravitational force) – the equivalent of 7 of those sacks of flour pushing down on you!"

Blue Angels Diamond Formation from the Cockpit

Here's an awesome video giving you a chance to ride along with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels during their famed Diamond Formation. If this video isn't enough for your Blue Angels fix, then visit BuiltUSA for another, longer (almost 7 mins.) video clip of the Navy fighter jet squadron.

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