North Dakota Couple Helping Veterans for 26 Years

North Dakota Couple Helping Veterans for 26 Years

January 27, 2015

North Dakota Couple Helping Veterans for 26 Years

Janice and David Oleson, a North Dakota couple, have been helping military veterans for the past 26 years. The Olesons don't just volunteer their time to a veterans organization, they open up their home and care for military veterans who have injuries or conditions which prevent them from taking care of themselves.

But what make this North Dakota couple even more special is that they go well beyond the basics of providing for and caring for these U.S. military veterans. They treat them like family and with the dignity our military heroes deserve.

26 Years of Selfless Service of Veterans

Janice and David Oleson have housed and cared for 40 veterans over the past 26 years. They participate in - what many Americans have not heard of before - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Residential Care program.

According to the Rapid City Journal where we first read about this story, the VA requires, "the couple provide three meals a day, make sure the rooms, beds and sheets are clean, and see to it that the veterans are taking their medications."

But as mentioned previously, the North Dakota couple goes well beyond the rules in serving the needs of these brave, injured military veterans. They often provide clothes for the men. They plan and take the veterans on a yearly "vacation" trip. They will often drive the men to visit their families. And sometimes, they attend their veteran residents' funerals as their only family.

We commend the Olesons for their dedication and service. Thank you for taking care of and truly caring for our military veterans.

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