CareerCast Compiles 10 Best Jobs for Veterans

CareerCast Compiles 10 Best Jobs for Veterans

February 04, 2015

CareerCast Compiles 10 Best Jobs for Veterans

Finding jobs for veterans is a high priority here in the United States. There are a number of military veteran jobs programs. The President mentioned veteran employment in the State of the Union. There was even good news last week of a bill in Congress stating that veterans won't trigger employer health law coverage.

Even with all the focus on helping veterans find jobs and offering incentives to employers to hire veterans, there still seems to be a disconnect for military veterans transitioning to civilian employment here in the United States. Often, our military men and women have years of experience which would be a perfect fit for a new career outside of the military. Unfortunately, both veterans and employers have a hard time figuring out how to apply those job skills and experience to a civilian career.

CareerCast Helps Veterans with Jobs List

CareerCast is a career information and job listing website that often hears from veterans seeking help with a job search. After working with veterans, the company discovered that many of these vets have skills that qualify them for high-paying jobs. CareerCast also found that there was a disconnect with employers when it came to hiring military veterans.

The company told, "Veterans are often more qualified than civilians if they are matched with the right jobs." That's what gave them the idea to put together their list of the best jobs for veterans. The list would simplify the process for both veterans and employers by helping vets know what civilian jobs they qualify for and help employers understand which positions veterans could fill successfully.

10 Best Jobs for Veterans

The following are the jobs which made the top 10. CareerCast did not rank them in the following order. Instead, they are just listed by salary.

1 - Training and Development Manager - Median salary: $95,400
2 - Software Engineer - Median salary: $85,400
3 - Construction Program Manager - Median salary: $82,800
4 - Administrative Services Manager - Median salary: $81,100
5 - Personal Financial Advisor - Median salary: $67,500
6 - Registered Nurse - Median salary: $65,500
7 - Industrial Engineering Technician - Median salary: $50,900
8 - Electrician - Median salary: $49,800
9 - Paralegal and Legal Assistant - Median salary: $47,000
10 - Emergency Medical Technician - Median salary: $31,000

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