Robot Ball Being Tested By Marines

Robot Ball Being Tested By Marines

February 13, 2015

Robot Ball Being Tested By Marines

The Marines are testing a new robot ball. GuardBot is a "spherical unmanned amphibious vehicle system." Its developers say that there is no other drone like GuardBot, and they believe it will be useful warfare technology for the military.

According to GuardBot Inc., "GuardBot is the only known spherical unmanned amphibious vehicle systems that can navigate upstream." And the unmanned drone "travels on paved road, off-road, sand, snow, sloped surfaces and water" reaching speeds of 3 miles per hour in water and 6 miles per hour on land.

The robot ball features two payload areas on each side and is propelled by a "battery powered pendulum motion drive system." According to one GuardBot's creator Peter Muhlrad, the drone was designed for object inspection and surveilance.

In other words, depending on what was in the payload areas, Marines could use GuardBot to detect explosives or to keep an eye on the enemy. It could also possible carry explosives in the payload areas.

Video of Robotic War Ball

The Marine Corp War Fighting Lab is currently testing the GuardBot in an operational environment. Below is a video from an earlier demonstration at at Marine Corps Base Quantico in 2012.

While this robot ball war technology certainly isn't as exciting as the U.S. Navy's laser weapon, keep in mind it is in its early stages of development. And if it saves one U.S. military service members life, then it will be well worth it.

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