Air Force Basic Training Undergoing Changes

Air Force Basic Training Undergoing Changes

February 16, 2015

Air Force Basic Training Undergoing Changes

Recruits going through the U.S. Air Force basic training program will soon be undergoing an extra week of training. The Air Force basic training core program will be scaled back with an week of character development training to raise awareness about sexual misconduct added.

The change in training was triggered by the a scandal at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland that sparked an Air Force investigation and congressional hearings. The latest change in Air Force basic training will go under the moniker "Capstone" and will focus on core values and skills for recruits' personal lives and careers.

When discussing Capstone, Col. Michele Edmondson, commander of the 737th Training Group at Lackland, said, ""I think it is truly revolutionary, what we're doing. It's a totally different form of learning for these airmen, it is an investment in their future as airmen."

First Class Going Through Air Force Basic Training Classes

The first group of recruits has already begun their basic training at Lackland. They will undergo the same basic training regime for the first 7.5 weeks. Then, they will undergo 5 days of Capstone Week.

According to the announcement on the U.S. Air Force website, "Capstone Week will provide instruction and promote discussion among Airmen in a more interactive forum than the highly-structured BMT curriculum, according to Kevin Adelsen, the AETC Capstone Week program manager. Some key areas that Capstone Week will cover, include wingmanship, resiliency, leadership and followership, sexual assault prevention and response, the warrior ethos, and how Airmen can balance their personal and professional lives."

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