Marine Veteran Reunites with Combat Dog

Marine Veteran Reunites with Combat Dog

February 17, 2015

Marine Veteran Reunites with Combat Dog

U.S. Marine veteran Jared Heine served in Afghanistan with his combat dog Spike. Heine returned to the United States from Afghanistan three years ago due to a series of traumatic brain injuries.

It was when he returned to the U.S., that the Marine veteran became separated from the bomb-sniffing combat dog. After their separation, Heine battled PTSD while Spike went on to battle the bad guys as a police K9 dog.

Because she knew how much Spike meant to her son, the U.S. Marine vet's mom went on a search to find his combat dog. She knew from her experience with her son how important the relationship between a wounded veteran and service dog could be. In fact, Heine's mom said that her son's mood improved just by talking about Spike.

Marine Veteran's Mom Searches for Combat Dog

Jared Heine's mother used Facebook and also reached out to the military community in order to track down Spike. She discovered that the combat dog was now a member of the Virginia Capitol Police’s K9 unit.

The U.S. Marine veteran's mother was able to contact Spike's partner - officer Laura Taylor. She was also able to set up a visit to reunite her son and his combat dog.

The reunion went from being just that, a reunion, to becoming a reuniting of the wounded veteran and his bomb-sniffing combat dog. Officer Laura Taylor, after seeing the two together, decided to help make their reunion permenant.

Spike and U.S. Marine veteran Jared Heine will be together once again when Spike retires in early March.

Want to learn more about this inspirational military veteran story? You can watch the Fox News video sharing the story of a Marine and canine companion reunion here.

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