Celebrate our Military Heroes in Action with These Military Videos

Celebrate our Military Heroes in Action with These Military Videos

February 19, 2015

Celebrate our Military Heroes in Action with These Military Videos

It's time to celebrate our military service men and women once again. That's right. It's time for our weekly military videos blog post - Heroes in Action.

This week's military video clips include jungle training with the U.S. Marine Corps, a U.S. Air Force F-22 pilots record-breaking accomplishment, a live fire U.S. Army combat video from Afghanistan and more. Enjoy the videos and please share with your friends.

New United States Navy Official Commercial

Our first military video is titled "America's Navy -- Pin Map" and is the latest commercial from the United States Navy. "Around the world. Around the clock. See how America’s Navy protects us every day."

National Guard Utah 85th Civil Support Team

Our National Guard don't show up that often in our Heroes in Action blog posts. That doesn't mean that our men and women serving in the National Guard aren't fully appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

U.S. Army Video

Here's a video clip from the official U.S. Army channel featuring live-fire in Afghanistan.

Jungle Warfare Training U.S. Marine Corps

This military video showcases the Marines' Jungle Warfare Training Center at Camp Gonsalves, Okinawa, Japan. You'll get a first-hand look at both the Jungle Endurance Course and Jungle Leaders' Course.

F-22 Pilot Makes History

journey into the history books Here's the story of Lt. Col. Clayton Percle who recently became the first U.S. Air Force active-duty pilot to break 1,000 flight hours in the F-22 Raptor.

Gun Footage of the AC-130 Spectre Gunship

This is an awesome video showing off the firepower of the AC-130 Spectre. The gun footage comes from Afghanistan. Also, don't miss the footage of the aircraft releasing the flares that form the famous angel pattern.

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