Texas Lawmaker Sponsors Chris Kyle Medal of Honor Act

Texas Lawmaker Sponsors Chris Kyle Medal of Honor Act

March 02, 2015

Texas Lawmaker Sponsors Chris Kyle Medal of Honor Act

A Texas lawmaker wants "American Sniper" Chris Kyle to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas filed legislation titled the "The Chris Kyle Medal of Honor Act" with the hopes of honoring the former Navy SEAL with the nation's highest military honor. The legislation, which was co-sponsored by Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas is now in the House Armed Services Committee for consideration.

Here's what the Texas lawmaker had to say about honoring Chris Kyle. "There is no doubt that this true American hero is worthy of our nation's highest military honor. While the Medal of Honor will not bring back a husband, father, son and a model Texan, we owe Chris Kyle and his family a great deal of gratitude for his relentless devotion to his country."

Chris Kyle has been credited with 160 confirmed kills by the military. That is the most confirmed kills in United States military history. While Kyle's story has been told by his memoir, and Oscar-nominated American Sniper, it was the story of his murder that has been in the headlines recently.

The murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh who was accused of killing Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield was the reason why the Texas congressman had waited to file legislation to honor Kyle. Williams didn't want to create the perception he was trying to influence the trial with the Medal of Honor request.

Now that Routh has been found guilty of gunning down Kyle and Littlefield, so Williams decided the time was right to move forward.

If his legislation passes, the Texas congressman will have to hope the Department of Defense follows suit and honors Kyle with the Medal of Honor. The DOD will have the final say in the matter.

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