World War II Veteran's Big Surprise 70 Years Later

World War II Veteran's Big Surprise 70 Years Later

March 11, 2015

World War II Veteran's Big Surprise 70 Years Later

This story of a World War II veteran was so amazing and touching we had to share. 90-year-old veteran Bill Moore was reecently surprised by the return of a long-lost love letter he wrote to his future-wife while he was serving in Europe 70 years ago.

We know what your're, this military veteran's letter wasn't lost by the USPS for the past seventy years. Instead, the WWII vet's love letter was found tucked inside an old record that was purchased at a thrift store.

And to add another layer of amazing to this story, the Bill Moore's letter was not found thousands of miles from where he now lives in an assisted care home for veterans. Instead, it was found close by to where he now resides in Aurora, California.

He told an ABC 7 News in Colorado, "I was really surprised," said 90-year-old veteran Bill Moore from his assisted care facility in Aurora. "I had no way of knowing it would show up in the way it did, and it would actually reach me."

Bill Moore's wife Bernadine passed away about 5 years ago. The World War II shares his love for his wife and how much the surprise of receiving this letter 70 years later means to him in the video below.

World War II Veteran's Big Surprise

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